Angelbaby Cora is the next wonderful child in my Anencpehaly and Acrania Awareness Month segment. Like a couple of the other featured moms, Katie has decided to share Cora's story with us in her own words rather than answering the questionnaire. My name is Katie Ajtaji and I want to share with you my story. … Continue reading Cora


We are visiting Dawn today, who's speaking about her little boy Kayden. After reading this questionnaire I realized I should have gone more in-depth about the actual mothers themselves as well. In reading about Kayden, I learned he had a brother who he joined when he passed. This shows how much Anencephaly/Acrania doesn't discriminate. It … Continue reading Kayden


Today is Mother's Day and what better way to celebrate it than by featuring a woman who many wouldn't consider a mother! They are sadly mistaken and her questionnaire proves it. I am Tori McClellan and girlfriend of Matthew, Waylon’s daddy. We are planning to be married after I graduate next May! On February 5th, 2016 … Continue reading Waylon


Today we celebrate an angelbaby named David. He was lost long ago, but is still loved, honored, and remembered. Rebecca's story touches me in ways many of the others haven't, simply because of the length of time it's been for her. Rebecca has been without him for over seventeen years and still loves him like … Continue reading David