Birth Plan

My birth plan was based on so many personal factors and I advise you to do whatever you are comfortable with. There is no right or wrong way to go about deliveries, even in an a-typical pregnancy. My  husband and I sat down and talked about what we wanted, what worked last time with my son and how we’d handle any changes that had to be made. We reviewed our plan with not only my OBGYN, but our care team manager at the hospital. Each hospital has their own set of rules and guidelines so be aware of them as you move forward.

Remember that birthing babies is hard work and no matter how much you plan, most of the time things don’t go according to plan. I know mine didn’t with either of my children!  This is my birth story and in it, you’ll realize just how much things can change. Below is a copy of my birth planned, I’ve changed or erased names. Feel free to use this for yourself. If you’d like a copy of this sent to you, please contact me!

The Miller Birth Plan For Aerilyn Grace

Before Labor Begins

  • Josh (Husband) is my advocate and will speak for me if I am unable too.

Vaginal Exams

  • I prefer minimal vaginal exams. I will ask when I’d like to be checked


  • I would like a slow induction if possible


  • I want my partner (Josh) with me at all times.
  • I would prefer no residents or students participating in my birth.
  • Only minimal people coming in and out of room and please keep it as consistent as possible.
  • The following people may be present during my labor: Josh, both photographers and anyone else I ask for.
  • The following person may be present while I push:  Josh (Husband).
  • I would like to labor in a room with a labor tub/shower
  • If the tub is not available, I would like a room with: Shower, birthing ball, bed, music and dimmed lights

Pain Relief/Labor

  • Unless medically necessary, I DO NOT WANT AN EPIDURAL – DO NOT ASK ME. If I choose this route, I will say so. My partner is completely aware of this decision.  
  • Please do NOT offer me pain medication unless I ask for them.
  • I do not want to be hooked to an IV unless medically necessary. HEPLOCK is okay
  • Please allow me to drink water/eat ice chips freely
  • Please allow me to eat small amounts when hungry.
  • To assist with labor pain, I would like to try the following methods: Moving freely, breathing/distraction, water/labor tub/shower – I would like my partner to assist me in the shower, massage and counter pressure.


  • DO NOT use the internal monitor that attaches to the baby’s head.
  • I would like minimal, external, hand held monitoring. Please only monitor when asked for.
  • Continuous monitoring WILL NOT
  • Do not tell us if the baby has passed until after birth.
  • Inform immediately after delivery if she is alive or dead.
  •  Second Stage Labor
  • As long as I am not in danger, I prefer no time limits on pushing.
  • I would like to push in whatever position feels right; I’m open to suggestions.
  • I DO NOT WANT AN EPISIOTOMY unless medically necessary.  Please provide the following to prevent tearing: apply hot compress, apply oil/shampoo, perennial massage, assist me to breathe properly and push appropriately for slower crowning, USE LOCAL PAIN MEDICATION FOR REPAIRS
  • If necessary, please use a pressure episiotomy
  • I DO NOT WANT FORCEPS, VACUUM, and MEMBRANE RUPTURE and only administer an episiotomy after consulting me.


  • We prefer to delay cord clamping and cutting to possibly prolong life.
  • My partner will not cut her cord.
  • PLEASE TELL ME WHEN TO PUSH AND WHEN TO STOP, if I feel the urge to push, please advise me.
  • When crowning, please advise slow, small pushes to avoid tearing.
  • DO NOT separate baby and mom
  • I want to naturally deliver my placenta.
  • If baby is born still, we want time alone with her.


  • I DO NOT WANT A C-SECTION unless absolutely necessary.
  • If a cesarean must be performed, I do not want to be separated from my partner.
  • I do not want my arms to be strapped down.
  • I want minimal drugs as possible.

Newborn Procedures

  • If baby is alive, please refrain from preforming all newborn screenings (except APGAR) until we are ready and ask for it.
  • Comfort care is preferred
  • Any care can be done on mom.
  • No NICU without consent.
  • Dress her head in sterile dressing and extra padding.


  • My baby is to be EXCLUSIVELY breast fed if she is capable.
  • I would like to see a lactation consultant.
  • Do not offer baby formula, artificial nipples or sugar water.
  • I would like to donate my breast milk if I am capable.


  • Family is allowed to visit after birth.
  • List of allowed members

Post Delivery

  • Any bereavement materials are appreciated
  • Any hospital memento ideas are appreciate
  • We’d like to keep the following:
    • Heart rate/contraction sheet
    • Crib card
    • Bracelets
    • Hair, if any
    • Hand and foot molds
    • A LOT of hand and footprints
    • Hat
    • Photos
    • Blankets

Funeral Home

  • Taskers- If she passes at hospital
  • MacIntire & McCoon- If she passes at home


  • We have two photographers
  • List names
  • Both are allowed in the room at any time