What is Anencephaly?
Anencephaly is a congential birth defect affecting the brain and skull. It’s a nerual tube defect (NTD) much like spina bifida, however instead of a hole in the spine, Anencephaly causes much more extensive damage. Neural tubes are responsible to help form the brain, skull, spinal cord and back bones.  Babies born with this defect are without a scalp, upper part of the skull -if not more- and the majority of the brain.

How common is Anencephaly?
It’s estimated 3 in every 10,000 births (in the US) will have Anencephaly. *However, many of these defects are not reported to the CDC or are aborted before they’re considered in the statistic. Which means this may be much more commom than documented. *

What causes Anencephaly?
The cause of Anencephaly is currently unknown. There are some gentic factors that can contribute to it, also enviormental or medicines can play a part in it.

Who’s at risk for Anencephaly?

  • Low intake of Folic Acid has been shown to be a factor.
  • Hispanic women are at more risk for an undetermind reason.


There are no known cure or standard treatmeant for Anencephaly.


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