The Second Celebration

On Aerilyn’s birthday this year we threw a party with my family. We did everything you’d normally do at a party, except have extra kids and the actual birthday girl. Planning a party for a little girl who wasn’t there was extremely painful and just downright cruel. But it happened and I’m glad it did.

We sort of left it last minute in the planning phase and that did not make me happy. I hate being a last minute person and it seems that I’m constantly running to catch up on tasks that need to be done or things that I think need to be done. It’s annoying I’ve become a procrastinating person to this degree. Procrastination is the killer of productivity!


24@The first step in honoring Aerilyn this year was to find a little girl who’s about Aerilyn’s age and foster her in some way. This is made a little bit easier with Christmas being after her birthday. Feelers were put out and we found a little girl who was about to be adopted but her parents needed some extra help with Christmas. What was unplanned was that this little girl turned two on December 16th, just one day after Aerilyn. Serendipitous fortune for sure. I didn’t take a picture of what we got her, oops. I only just now thought that a picture would have been a good memento of that. We got her a plush Elmo and Elmo alphabet learning to-go case because her mom told us she loves Elmo right now. We added a tea set, a few outfits, and a card to complete her Christmas. I wrapped it in unicorn paper and called it good.

Next was to order the cake for this year. We couldn’t decide on exactly what we wanted, 20@but thankfully the bakery we chose did an amazing job. We chose a two-tiered chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling and the details were made of marshmallow fondant. We gave them a few pictures, our color choices and the design they came up with turned out fantastic. It was delicious and the precision and level of details were astounding. The moon topper had a face! A Face. That’s insane. We added a giant pink glitter #2 candle and the cake was complete.


After the cake, I ordered her flowers and we went with the theme of the season and what we did last year. The bouquet had purple irises, holly with the red berries, white daisies; which weren’t planned, Stacy.  Along with roses and some ferns as fillers. 23@ The women who did the bouquet were so nice and thought us throwing a party of Aerilyn was sweet. I’m glad I got to share a small part of her celebration with them in story form.

Party City was the next stop on my list; a boat load of balloons were ordered. We got fifteen pink balloons for the party, two pink balloons with stars and the number “2” on them and two huge star balloons that said happy birthday on them. I know nineteen balloons seem like an overkill, but there was a reason, I swear! See, Josh and I wanted to do a lantern release but our town had a burn ban that was supposed to be lifted on Aerilyn’s birthday. Since there wasn’t a guarantee we’d be allowed to do the lanterns, we got the balloons just in case. Since there were a bunch of us at the party, we got all of the balloons. The two big star balloons were our personal release balloons. Josh and I release one just us every year and then keep another one as a memento. Normally we have to buy three of them so we can do one as a family –Kanin, Josh and I– but since this year we had a party with my family, we did it differently.  And the two pink balloons with the number two on them were just because I thought they were appropriate and I saw them last minute.

At party city, I also found a few votives with tutus on them! Of course, I had to buy them, but they were polka dots and that wasn’t really the theme. So I bought two of the star ones, two of the polka dot ones and added the pink tutus to the star ones. They were adorable. Star swirls that hung from the walls were next to go in my basket. Then some plates and napkins and I was all set. I already bought a “Happy Birthday” banner off amazon so once that arrived we were ready to decorate.


Costco was the next place to visit and man, I was not looking forward to that trip. Thankfully the actual shopping wasn’t terrible, but there was an older lady that was rude as hell when I was done. I accidentally bumped her walker with my cart and I immediately apologized. She instantly said how dare I bump into her and I was disrespectful. That lady was lucky I was hungry and about to eat, that it was the day before Aerilyn’s birthday and that she was old. Or else I might have unleashed super preggo bereaved mother hormones on her. I could understand her being angry with me if I hadn’t apologized or if I did it intentionally. But come on! I’m clearly very pregnant, with a Costco cart full of food and I’m short. I hardly saw her little old lady ass. Grrrrr. Sorry, just thinking about that day makes me irritated. People are so rude, especially when there’s no reason for it.

Anyways, for the birthday dinner, I made Swedish Meatballs over egg noodles. A power greens salad with some good toppers and a mixed berry salad. Funny enough, my sister and I haven’t made Swedish Meatballs with each other or I think eaten them together since we were kids. If you don’t know, that’s the meal my sister was making the night I was burned. Apparently, it was fitting to be making it for Aerilyn’s birthday. All in all, the food worked out and fed our troop of people. 25@

The actual day of Aerilyn’s birthday was full of diverse emotions. I woke up with some anxiety because I wanted the day to go well. Kanin went to school and Josh and I cleaned and decorated the house. On her banner, the string wasn’t straight and I had a meltdown about it. Seriously, a string set me off; that’s how high my emotions were.

After that debacle, Josh and I went to Kanin’s school because he was being


He was clearly enthused. LoL

rewarded with Student Of The Month.  It was a big deal and he had no idea it was going to happen. We brought him a balloon and got to see him after his award ceremony. It was funny, basically right after pictures he booked it back to class saying he had stuff to do. Apparently his parents at his school wasn’t that big of a deal to him. When he got it I tried to get him to take a picture and he would not sit still! It was pretty frustrating for me, so this is the best picture I could get of him. We also gave him congratulatory present and oh boy did that cause calamity. Apparently it wasn’t what he wanted!  Uh, first off, that kid had zero ideas that he was getting a present, second off, I have no idea where that entitled attitude came from! He’s never said something like that! Needless to say he didn’t get to keep the present and hopefully he learned his lesson to be grateful for what he’s given. But man oh man did that little boy push my buttons on that.

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It was hard for me to celebrate Kanin’s achievement and Aerilyn’s birthday on the same day. I had to be happy and joyful for him while simultaneously feeling the harsh reality of what that day was. It wouldn’t have been fair to diminish his accomplishment though, so it was a must. I just had to remember it wasn’t his fault his ceremony landed on her birthday. So many things seem to, even the boat Josh is on had an event on her birthday! Apparently the 15th of the December is a popular day for things.

Once we finished picking up the cake, balloons and last minute things we came home and did our personal balloon release. 8@ We were worried her balloon would get stuck in the trees and for a moment it did but ultimately it rose and disappeared into the sky without another hitch —very much like Aerilyn herself. Part of me was very relieved once it was done because then it meant I had actually done something for her and not in preparation for a party that she couldn’t attend.

The closer we got to the party the more I worried about how I was going to be while my family was at my home. Was I going to make it through dinner and cake without crying? Was I going to hide away and not speak to anyone? I wasn’t sure how I was going to be and ultimately, it didn’t matter. I didn’t have any issues and thankfully didn’t cry! That’s winning in my book!

We had dinner, then sang her happy birthday and ate her yummy cake.

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Then everyone decorated a lantern for Aerilyn with all pink and purple markers. They all turned out super cute and I’m glad my family got to be included in one of her birthdays.

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Before we left to go light our lanterns (couldn’t at our house), my sister had us open a present. I’m so thankful she got this for us. It’s the images of the constellations on the day Aerilyn was born and I absolutely love it. Josh and I have talked about naming a star after her but haven’t and now I’m not sure we’ll need too. This was amazing. Thank you to my sister and her family for getting this for us. We love you!


I even survived that without completely crying my eyes out! Score. We left right after opening that to where the lanterns would go up. We videoed the whole thing, which was twenty to twenty-five minutes long, so I won’t post it. However it was awesome, we even had a couple ladies ask us about them. It was a great nightcap and a good way to end her birthday.

That about sums up Aerilyn’s 2nd birthday. It was eventful, surprising and I’m glad it happened.

I hope this birthday made her happy. Love you, Aerilyn Grace!


Let me know your thoughts.

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