Just Breathe

I have a million and one things to do today. A packing list for our trip down to Connecticut to see Josh off. A house to clean, especially after yesterday (I’ll get to that), some research for my upcoming project, laundry to wash and fold. A few errands to the storage unit, a workout to get in and a glorious shower to take.  I’m not doing any of those things, or any of the other stuff I have on my list. No,  I’m sitting here looking out my window, watching the snow fall. We’re supposed to get 4-8 inches by the end of the day. Which for New England, isn’t that big of a deal and I’m pretty used to it by now.


The view from my front window

Why am watching snow fall instead of  doing my long list of chores?

Some days you have to stop and just breathe; yesterday was that day for me. My day was horrendous from beginning to end. It started with 18 degree weather and a dead car. All my neighbors were gone by the time I needed a jump so I had to call my insurance and get roadside assistance. Fast forward to a 35 minute wait in an 18° car with a four-year old who wanted nothing but to get to daycare; it was a long, cold wait. Once the tow truck showed up to try to jump my car, it quickly became apparent he wasn’t going to have any luck. Yet he persisted for 30 minutes in that cold weather before he finally called it quits. According to his jumper, my battery was perfectly fine. So what the heck was wrong with my car?! Unfortunately for me, his truck already had a car on it, which meant he couldn’t tow my car to the shop. I had to call roadside assistance for another tow truck. At least this time, he said he’d call me when he got to the house so we didn’t have to wait in that freezing weather. By then I’d already notified Kanin’s daycare he wouldn’t be going. He was not happy and was so upset he couldn’t go. Sorry buddy!


An hour later another tow truck showed up and started the business of loading it up. At one point his wench slipped out of reverse as he was putting it on his bed and rolled away! It almost hit a fence that would have surely dented my front end. That was scary! He apologized profusely, even though it wasn’t his fault. Once it was properly loaded up and not going to slip off (lol), he took it to the shop I’d already arranged. Then with the patience only a four-year old can have (or not), Kanin and I settled in for a long day of no car, no daycare and endless energy. It was only 11:30am by then and our day had started at 7am!

A couple of hours later, Kanin and I were sitting on the couch when I hear water pouring. I leap up and scramble to the kitchen and see my sink has somehow flooded and was dumping water on my floor, my counters, in my cabinets…everywhere! I start grabbing towels and basically throw them on the water soaking my floor (now in the middle of my kitchen). Water continued to gush for a good five minutes before it drained again. In that time I’d gone through at least six towels, I’d stuck my hand in the sink thinking maybe it was clogged… nope. I got a few minutes reprieve before the water rushed up from my drain and drenched my kitchen once again. And again, it took another five minutes or so before it stopped. By then my dishwasher had been filled with water, all my clean dishes now dirty. Counters with over an inch of standing water, my plugged in toaster in a puddle… it was a mess!

Once the flood stopped, I called my apartment manager; no answer. I called their emergency line; no answer. How the heck could they not answer? I even went to their main office and no one answered. I was baffled and flustered, so I called my sister to vent. While on the phone, the car shop called and told me my battery had completely died and they have no idea why the original tow truck guy’s stuff said it had life. Which is weird considering my car stereo was still getting power. $200 to replace the battery and it’d be fixed. At least it was an easy fix and I could get my car back that day.

Flash forward another few hours and Josh calls me to talk about my harry day. Which he promptly calls my apartment manager and of course she answered for him. Apparently they’d been snaking the drain next to me and my apartment got the back flow. Yay… Gross dirty water all over where I need to prepare food. She scheduled the plumbers to come to my house in the morning to make sure it was fixed. So, at last that was another problem “fixed”. Having been stranded I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my car, with Kanin once it was done. I had tried calling the shop and I kept getting hung up on. (not intentionally). Josh had to call for me, he had to arrange for them to come pick me up (in an itty bitty car called Sparky). Not only that, but i had ordered pizza (since clearly I wasn’t gonna be able to prepare anything in that mess) and the timing was off. I wouldn’t be home for the pizza guy since I’d be getting the car. Josh had to call and pushed off my pizza… twice. Thank you hubby! ❤

Once I had the car back, most of the water cleaned up and had dealt with a few other ridiculously “Monday” obstacles, I could do nothing but laugh. My day had been terrible, everything not working for me and yet, I laughed. Why? Because sometimes life throws stuff at you that you cannot control. Yesterday was the epitome of why people say they hate Mondays. I couldn’t agree more. LoL. But laughing at the ridiculousness of it was way better than being angry all day. It was better than loathing in how screwed up my day was. I took everything in stride and by the end of the day, I sat on my butt and did nothing! Although Kanin didn’t fall asleep until 11pm! I still left my laundry piled, table sticky. I needed that.

Today started with a 7am alarm and a buzz at my door at 7:30 telling me the plumbers were here. Yikes! I wasn’t even dressed. Throwing on clothes, I let them in. Thankfully they fixed everything they needed to and left in about 15 minutes. My car started this morning, Kanin got dropped off and I went to get a much-needed coffee. After getting home, I immediately realized I had to write. I had to take the time for myself and get my thoughts in order. Even though a huge chunk of me is screaming that it’s almost midday and I’ve accomplished nothing on my list; writing had to happen. Not wanted to, had to. My inner self was screaming at me to put things down in writing and remember to just breathe. So I listened to my inner voice, sat down and started this. Even though I got to “just breathe” last night, it wasn’t enough for my muse. Sometimes you have to listen to that voice. The one who tells you what’s best for you, even when your brain is hollering at you to break freak and do exactly the opposite. Take that brain!

And just like that, I feel better. After I wrote “take that brain”, I stopped feeling frantic. I stopped feeling the pull to write and go crazy. I wrote everything up until now, in 30 minutes! 30 minutes! That’s over 1200 words. Take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to relax. Take a moment to enjoy the ride and let others help you! Josh was a life saver yesterday. ❤ ❤ 



Let me know your thoughts.

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