Trend-setting. There are a ton of teenage girls and many millennials who’d love to be trend setters. This word “trendsetter” is often synonymous with popular”. I don’t agree with that, I don’t agree that starting trends makes you popular. Nor do I agree (all the time) that it’s the highest form of flattery.  For me, it’s just not being original. Following things and not thinking for yourself. People are sheep!

This is a really random topic, I know; what’s worse, it’s 1am and the Cubs just won the World Series. So where did this come from? Kanin. My little boy, my kid who has such an unsual, unique name is the reason for this topic I HAD to post right now. Josh and I spent months figuring out his name. We took so long to research names, meanings and origins. We chose this name because it wasn’t even on a scale of something someone would name their kid. Funny enough, Aerilyn is the same way.

There were people who didn’t even like his name. That because it was different, we were weird for naming him it. It wasn’t Christian. It wasn’t “normal” or “typical”. It wasn’t something someone else wanted. With all those things, I was even more encouraged that I’d be hard pressed to find other’s with his name, or something similar.

Apparently I was wrong; so wrong. 

In the past, almost, five years Kanin has remained unique. Not anymore. I know of at least five people who’ve used his name or a variation of it. NOT COOL PEOPLE! Let my kid have his original name, stop ripping it off and come up with your own! Shesh!

Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive because Kanin is my only living child. Maybe it’s because I wont be able to constantly say Aerilyn’s name. Maybe I’m just clinging to Kanin’s name because he’s all I have left.

Let me know your thoughts.

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