My Absence

First, I’d like to thank Jess, who wrote the last post about me being sick. Not only did she write that, but she’s been helping me edit and catch any mistakes I’ve made. Jess has been a tremendous help and I really cannot thank her enough.

Since the last post was a little ambiguous, I’ll fill in some holes. I was plagued with a migraine for a few days, coupled with on and off fevers and a stiff neck; once I saw my doctor he suggested meningitis. Therefore I was sent to the Emergency Department and if you know anything about meningitis, not only can it be life threatening, but the only way to test for it is to get a lumbar puncture (spinal tap). If you know me personally, you know the main reason I wanted and did two natural births was to avoid a giant needle in my back. I was not amused that I had to get it.

The procedure itself wasn’t terrible, I had some mild backpain and naive me thought this isn’t so bad. Cue once I got home .. Oh I should put in there I did not have meningitis.. Anyways, I got home and started feeling terrible soon after. I’d been informed 1/3rd of patients who have a lumbar puncture develop something called a spinal headache. It’s where your body doesn’t create a clot where they pierced your spinal sack and you start leaking Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). Following my luck, I was indeed part of that portion of the population who develop a spinal headache. Let me tell you, I’ve gone through two natural births, both induced, burns and various other ailments and that headache rivaled those things. It was bad! 

The cure!…. It’s another needle shoved in your back with your own blood to “hopefully” clot the area where you leak. I had the procedure done and within an hour I was headache and pain free for the first time in a week! In that week I’d been on various narcotics to try and curb the pain, none that truly worked. Thankfully since I had the procedure on Monday, I am much better. I’m still a bit fuzzy in the brain, but I’m recovering, that’s what counts. So I will resume my segment, even though it wont be all in May. I’m sorry it got derailed! Thank you for all the patience and continued thoughts. ❤


If you’ve missed the beginning of my FB_IMG_1461520695891Anencephaly/Acrania Awareness segment, you can find the full stories I’ve had the pleasure of sharing so far below.

Marley Jane

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