One Year Ago

One year ago today we announced we were expecting Aerilyn. Little did we know a few weeks later we would find out she had Anencephaly. It’s amazing how much things have changed in the past year and how much more a year can teach you about yourself. I never knew I’d survive the death of a child and I have and what better way to honor her and what I and so many others have gone through than raising awareness?


©Photo Courtesy of Meghan Fulk Photography

Facebook reminded me of this event, I didn’t even recall on my own. That’s probably a good thing since this month is already full of so many bad memories. This morning I was so busy that even though this brought up some harsh feelings, I was okay with it. I was so busy all this morning and afternoon that I wasn’t bothered by it. As my day was winding down a bit it really hit  me. Even though in this picture I’d suffered miscarriages  and losses in my life, I was truly nieve.

What the awareness project is supposed to do is give an insight what it’s like to have the moments above (picture) and still grieve. To celebrate a baby even though they were destined to die. Break the damn silence people. Child loss is real and it is painful. Share. Share. Share.

Read Alex’s story about Temperance in my latest piece on Anencephaly and Acrania Awareness!

I miss you my pretty, pretty lady….I will leave it at that

Let me know your thoughts.

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