Welcome To Maine

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Oct 9, 2015 3:34pm

I’m a day late in posting this. Oops. Sorry!

Welcome to Maine. Not welcome home, no welcome to Maine. When we first arrived to Hawaii, many people said welcome home. To us, home is Hawaii. We feel like Hawaii is where we should be no matter what. It’s not our home state, it’s not where we were born. It’s just the perfect place for us. Perfect beaches, great weather, amazing food, laid back and a 6 hour plane ride away from anyone. Sometimes you just know where you should and should not be. Maine is a place we definitely should not be. New England is pretty and they have good seafood, but it’s cold 9 months out of the year, a good portion of that with too much snow. Then this year was exceptionally hot and humid with no central AC. It’s miserable! I honestly can’t wrap my head being here for much longer. Plus there’s no swimmable beaches without risk of freezing something vital off. No thanks. Welcome to Maine, goodbye Hawaii. =(32 weeks and still going strong. I had a doctors appointment today and Aerilyn was being feisty as normal. She would’t sit still for the doppler and kept kicking as soon as she’d find her. I haven’t gained any weight yet, even though I gorged in Hawaii (strange) and I’m still right where I should be. Overall, a very uneventful checkup. That’s a good thing though, her still being as active as she is is a good thing and having a normal check up is great. It means nothing is going on that could jeopardize me or her right now. Yay!On to our adventure! Last week I posted how much Kanin loved the beach. That did not change! I can’t tell you how many times we heard him ask for the beach. He’d forgo food for it. He eventually learned to fall and take the waves like he’s supposed too. To say he loved Hawaii is a momentous understatement. Aerilyn sure enjoyed it as well. I’d say the water was her favorite part also. Josh and I of course had tons of fun. None of us wanted to leave. I’m glad to have my bed and house back, I just wish it were in Hawaii.

We did some touristy things while in there. We did the Arizona Memorial that honors WWII Pearl Harbor victims. We also did the Dole Plantation, although that got cut short due to little man having an epic meltdown since it was nap time. I think those are really the only “attractions” we did aside from beaches. Haha That’s so sad! Oh well, the beach (which many were involved) were our favorite things to do. Food was of course on our list and food definitely happened. Many places we had tried before and were still great. Others were new and so-so. Overall the trip did exactly what we wanted it to do. Relaxed us, spent time together and got to take Aerilyn and Kanin to where their parents met and lived before they existed.

We also got to see some friends while there. It was awesome to see people and pick up right where we left off over 4 years ago. Especially because now some had kids, others got to meet Kanin. It was a fun time.

Last week I also mentioned we did a maternity shoot while there. After seeing the photos, I’m even more happy and excited for them. They turned out amazing and it’s all thanks to Debbie and Beka. http://debbieleanne.com They were so sweet, caring and invested in making this a memorable experience for us. We are having canvases made as well as a really nice book. I’m impatient and want them now. LoL!

Coming home was a huge upset for all of us. Kanin of course wanted the sand and didn’t want to be on a plane anymore. Josh had to go back to work and I got thrown into our daily chaos. Poor Kanin got the worst of it though, he woke up vomiting and not feeling well at all. I think he caught something on the plane and it caught up with him. By the end of the night he was acting more normal and finally ate something. I hope by tomorrow he’ll be good to go so we can see friends and go to the pumpkin patch this weekend. We’re all still a bit jet lagged and tired from all our travels. I think a few days of sleep is in order for us all. Those reasons are the reason why this post is a day late. Being day after traveling, having multiple appointments, work and a sick toddler made for a very long and exhausting day.

I plan on posting all our pictures soon, hopefully this weekend. I can’t wait to actually look through them. We took a lot of pictures for us. For most, it’s not a lot. But we spent the majority of it having too much fun, in the water or basically forgetting to whip out the camera. It should be a fun time going through them all.

That’s all I can think of to write about for now. Again, I’m exhausted from traveling and not firing on all cylinders.

 32 Weeks (10.9.15)

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