The Dirty 30

Originally a CaringBridge post. Link to original post is the date.

Sep 24, 2015 12:23pm

30 Weeks (9.24.15)

30 weeks. AHHH 10 weeks to go, that’s unreal. This week was pretty much garbage. I found out I failed my first glucose test by 9 points, which means I have to do a 3 hour one and rule out gestational diabetes. Just what I need! That test was planned for this Friday. It requires me to do a 3 day diet prep for it, then drink a sugar drink and get 3 different blood draws. Not a fun thing. Then I got severely sick and couldn’t keep anything down. I ended up in the hospital on Tuesday needing 3 bags of IV fluids to help make me feel better. Today I am much better, still catching up on some hydration, other than that though I seem to be 100%. Aerilyn was a trooper the whole time. She stayed active, strong heart beat and loved it when I finally ate something after days of no food. Although because I had to modify my diet for the sickness, I’m having to cancel my glucose test this Friday. Since I have to eat normally as well as add a few foods into my diet, it didn’t work well with being so sick. Oh well, guess it’ll have to happen after Hawaii.

This week we also met our care manager and learned the hospital will pretty much give us whatever we want. We’ll have a waiting room specifically reserved for our family, a kitchenette, very few outside visitors and all around fantastic care. Our nurses will be those who wish to work with bereaved parents specifically, so that’ll be good. There’s a woman who works there who works with children during difficult times and we’ll be able to utilize her if we feel the need. There’s a kids play area that has a lego wall, puzzles and pretty much anything a kid would want to go crazy with. Over all, we could go in, ask for all their money and they’d give it to us. They’re THAT accommodating. I’m extremely glad we them as our hospital. Plus the rooms are huge.

Getting sick definitely slowed me down in our prep for Hawaii. These next few days are going to be crazy hectic and full of random things to get done before we leave. I’m so excited we leave Monday. Only a few days left! I’m not sure if there will be a post next week since we’ll be busy. If not, there will definitely be an update once we get back. We’ll have plenty of pictures and adventures to relive. I’m sure it’ll be a fun post. If you’re in Hawaii and would like to see us, call, message, text , send up a smoke signal or something to get ahold of us. It’d be great to see old friends.


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