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Originally a CaringBridge post. Link to original post is the date.

Sep 17, 2015 5:09pm

29 Weeks (9.17.15)

I’m struggling on what to write this week. It’s gone by so fast that I can’t remember much of what went on. I’m 29 weeks now and looking it more and more. We had a doctors appointment the other day and I’m measuring perfectly. That means no extra amniotic fluid and she’s not smaller than normal, that we can tell. The dreaded glucose test was that day as well. I’m still waiting for the results of that, but hopefully I passed. That drink is nasty! She is still active and strong. Nothing is slowing this little girl down. We’ve also bumped me up to an appointment every 3 weeks instead of 4. I think once we get back from our trip it’ll go to twice a month.  CRAZY! Time is flying by!

Kanin was sick last weekend, again. He finally seems back to normal though. He’s still loving daycare. Today he didn’t even say bye to me until I’d walked away. Little booger. Aside from that, we’ve been working frantically to get our house ready for guests and our trip. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT HAWAII! I had to get that out. LoL. I think Kanin is going to love being on a plane, he certainly enjoys imitating them. Our trip is going to be awesome. Time away from everything, no need to think about anything. It’ll be a relief. Although coming home will suck. Not only will Fall be in full swing here in Maine, I’ll be 32 weeks and that’s closer to danger zone. Ekk.

29 Weeks 2 (9.17.15)

Before I wrap this up I’d like to express my deepest condolences to my friend and her family. This week she lost her healthy baby during labor and no cause was found. It’s a shock and heart shattering to go through this with Aerilyn, but we know what will probably happen. This was out of left field and not expected at all. Especially after other normal, healthy deliveries. I’m not sure what’s worse, preparing for it, or it being spontaneous. No matter what way, it was and is devastating to her, her family and those that know her. Infant loss, still birth, miscarriages, child loss, they’re all closeted and not a highly publicized thing. But they happen, more often than you probably think or know. It’s a loss no matter what. Someone feels that loss, that grief and the void that loss creates. Be gentle and understanding to those people and offer what you can to them. Even if it’s a simple ear for them to vent with no judgments.

Let me know your thoughts.

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