3rd Trimester!

Originally a CaringBridge post. Link to original post is the date.

 Sep 3, 2015 11:43am

27 Weeks = 3rd trimester. NO! That cannot be possible. I’m not sure where 2 trimesters have gone, but I’d like them back please. Shesh!

27 Weeks 2 (9.3.15)

This past weekend was fun. Josh knows someone who raises mini horses and we went to see them. Kanin LOVED it. The horses were just his size and he enjoyed playing in the dirty shavings in their stalls. He had it all over him, in his hair, his shoes. You name it. It was funny. There was also a John Deer kid tractor there. Boy did he master that quick. I have a video of him driving it. We might have to get him that for Christmas, or his birthday next year. It was hilarious watching him drive in circles. We also went to the Maine Wildlife Park. We saw bears, cougars, moose, deer and other wild animals. He especially loved the bears and moose. He kept telling each moose to “say cheese” as I was taking pictures. What a ham! The geese and ducks were a hit too. It was definitely a walk and it tired him out.

We took the Jeep up there and that boy fell asleep with the doors off, doing 70mph and going over extremely bumpy roads. Not sure how he slept through all of that. We stopped at Build-A-Bear on our way home too. He made a brown bear with a heartbeat, pants and a shirt with a motorcycle on it. He named him “Teddy Play”. Odd name, but who are we to judge a 3yo? LoL. We also had him make Aerilyn one. This one is purple with sparkly stars all over it. It also lights up, has wings and makes “magical music” sounds. It also has a heartbeat in it. It also has a pink dress on. Kanin named her “Teddy Star”. Teddy Star is in the picture with me this week.

Good news! Last week I stated that we were waiting on somethings to happen for us. Well, it finally did. Josh’s leave got approved, my doctor cleared me (barring nothing comes up) and we booked our trip to HAWAII! We are over the moon ecstatic. Getting the opportunity to take Aerilyn to the place where Josh and I started is amazing. We met there, married and lived there for the first few years of our marriage. She’ll get to experience all our favorite places, food and scenery! Josh and I love the beach, Kanin loves the water.. Hawaii is just the perfect place for us. I’m excited Kanin will get to see it too. He’s going to have a blast in the ocean. To say we need this trip is an understatement. After everything we’ve endured and are about to endure with Aerilyn, plus putting down Jordana recently… It’s needed. We plan on bringing Jordana back there as well. She was born there and it seems fitting. All around, it’s the best decision we’ve made in awhile.

27 Weeks (9.3.15)

On some sobering news, last night I was experiencing braxton hicks contractions that turned extremely painful. I ended up in the Labor and Delivery ward to be monitored and thankfully they stopped and I was only having mild “irritable” contractions. We were going to wait it out, but weighing the gravity of our situation, we deemed it best to get checked. Another factor that played in getting check was kanin. That little booger tried to escape very early on three separate times while I was pregnant with him. Preterm labor was not fun and we don’t want a repeat. Overall things turned out okay and I got to see their birthing tub. It’s huge. Like a small car huge. LoL.

At this time, most women are planning baby showers, finishing up the baby’s nursery and going to birthing classes. All of that depresses me. The knowledge I’m missing out on what are typically considered major pregnancy milestones hurts. There’s so many things we don’t get to celebrate or do that seems so natural to most. No baby registry, no closet full of clothes that she probably wouldn’t wear half of anyways. It’s depressing to say the least. I can’t even imagine what she’d go on to do in her childhood, let alone her adult life. I can’t even fathom anything longer than these next few weeks because it’s setting me up for heartbreak. This shit sucks. Plain and simple.

For now, I’ll just go indulge in my current craving, fish and chips. Then do what many women do when they’re stressed; retail therapy. LoL.

Happy 3rd trimester, Aerilyn Grace.

 Kanin Build-a-Bear

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