Way, Way Behind!

Originally a CaringBridge post. Link to original post is the date.

Jul 25, 2015 11:42am

21 Weeks (7.23.15)

Well, we haven’t posted in a few weeks and since I hit 21 weeks yesterday, an update was mandatory. Last week, July 16th, I was hit 20 weeks. That’s half way there! That’s ridiculous to think about. Now being 21, I just do not know where the time has gone.

Aerilyn is a very active little girl. She’s getting stronger and stronger each day. I can now put a remote on my belly and she’ll kick it off. I’m not sure if she feels the remote and doesn’t like it, or is just moving. Either way, knowing she can be felt from the outside is an amazing thing. Although she still doesn’t like me sleeping, so that’s not fun. I’m feeling extremely pregnant, I’m a roll-polly already! At least it’s a sign she’s getting bigger. I’m craving sour things! Pickles and sour patch kids are my go-to right now. Yummy!

A few weeks ago we took Kanin to see the Minion’s movie. It was his first movie and he got to share it with Aerilyn and eat a bunch of popcorn. He did fantastic and had a great time. Josh ended up dumping our large popcorn all over the floor and had to get a new one. Just another little memory to add to the kid’s first movie memory. =) Aerilyn didn’t like me sitting down so long, but she did enjoy the popcorn a bunch. Kanin was even eating out of the big container like a dog. He’s so silly.

Tomorrow we’re taking Kanin to see Thomas the train at Conway Scenic Railroad in Conway NH. He’s going to absolutely love it! He’s been obsessed with trains, Thomas specifically lately. I’m so glad we’re getting a chance to take him this year. Another first for him and Aerilyn. A train ride, lots of activities and family time… it’s going to awesome. I’ll be sure to take many pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I have many to add. Between the Minion movie, a few weekly ones and how I never posted all of the 4th of July ones.. I’m definitely slacking. Life doesn’t always make it possible to update as often as I’d like too. I plan on updating about the train on Monday. Lets hope that works out.

Josh and I gained a new niece a few days ago! Piper is an adorable little girl and I’m sure her big sister is ecstatic about her. It’s unfortunate we all live so far away and in about 9 weeks my travel will –probably– be restricted. So since we couldn’t go meet her, I figured I’d mention her here. =) Good job Tarianne & Jose!

I think that’s most of what we had to update about. If either of us remember something we forgot, I’ll be sure to add it to the next update.

Let me know your thoughts.

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