22 Weeks?

Originally a CaringBridge post. Link to original post is the date.

Jul 30, 2015 6:48pm

22 weeks? No flipping way! Time is going by way too fast for my liking. First and foremost I’d like to address my picture. As you can see I have a gorgeous handmade baby blanket made by my sister in-law, Amanda. Getting a present from her and Matt (Josh’s brother) was amazing. It’s the first thing we’ve received from anyone and we were extremely surprised. It definitely made me tear up that someone thought enough about our little girl to make something special just for her. So once again, thank you so very much, Matt and Amanda.

22 Weeks (7.30.15)

Sunday we took Kanin to to see Thomas the Train. Boy he was SO excited! He asked no less than 10 times in a 2 hour car ride if we were there yet. Walking from the car to the train station all he kept saying was, “Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!”. A bouncing, curly headed little boy beyond excited to see Thomas, Percy and everything else the place had to offer. It was freaking adorable! We met Sir. Topham Hatt and even got a picture with him. Pictures with Percy and Thomas, not to mention got to ride on both of them. Hand prints of all of us and we plan to add Aerilyn’s when she’s born. Face painting, balloons and even watched an episode of Thomas. He got a James wooden train, a new Thomas book that we’ve already read a million times and tons of memories. It was definitely a fun time, although Kanin’s lack of nap did make the last bit of time we spent there interesting.

This past week Aerilyn has become more and more active, as if that was even possible. I feel her all the time. You can even feel her from the outside. I’m now convinced she can feel and sense pressure. A lot of babies with anencephaly don’t respond to touch, or doctors say they don’t. She’s definitely responding to me pushing on my belly. Pushing back is a fun thing for her.

I’m feeling HUGE these days. I know I say that every week, but this one truly has me feeling ginormous. I had to clothes and bathing suit shop and it made it very clear to me that I was vastly pregnant. I’ve started nesting! Oh boy have I started nesting! Simple toys on my floor, even a few toy cars drives me bonkers. I feel like a loon because Josh and I will be talking and all I can think about is that one random mess in some random place. LoL It’s bad.

Next week we have more fun planned and I’m sure more updates! Also, to clear the air. We welcome gifts, no matter how big or small. We would never turn down something someone would give us. Whether it’s for us or for Aerilyn. I don’t want people to feel like they’re stepping on our toes or think we wouldn’t be receptive to it. 🙂

Let me know your thoughts.

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