Drum Roll Please…

Originally a CaringBridge post. Link to original post is the date.

Jun 27, 2015 1:47pm

WE HAVE HER NAME! Yay! However, before we get to that we wanted to update on some things.

Block Name Teaser (6.27.15)
First, we’ve come up with an Adventure List for her. Things for us to do as a family that she won’t get to experience any other time. We would like your ideas to make her list bigger. So please comment here, on our Facebook’s, texts, messengers, smoke signals…. you get the picture… to let us now your ideas. We’re open to anything and hopefully we can get through her Adventure List before December. Below is our current ideas for her Adventure List. Remember we live in South Berwick, ME and we’re willing to travel a bit for some awesome memories. We haven’t narrowed down everything in detail, so if you know of a better place than what has been planned out, please let us know. Thank you in advance!

Next, we’ve decide to create momentos from even the smallest of things. We plan on a quilt being made once everything is said and done with her first 4th of July shirt, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc. Other moments include her gender reveal shirt we painted, this name memento, plenty of pictures and of course her first outfit. Again, we’re asking for your ideas. We’ve wanted her celebrated as much as possible and having ideas from our friends and family seems like a perfect way to incorporate you guys.

  1. Water Park — Portsmouth, NH
  2. Boat Tour — Somewhere in New England
  3. Movie in a theater — Inside Out
  4.  Zoo/Aquarium — Boston, MA
  5. Trick or Treating
  6. Salem in October
  7. Major or Minor League Baseball Game — Boston, MA or Portland, ME
  8. Professional Soccer Game — Gillette Stadium, CT

Now, what so many people have been asking for… her name!

Block Name (6.27.15)
EDIT: I added the picture so you don’t have to search anymore.

Aerilyn is Latin and means beautiful air which is exactly what she is. A beautiful breath of fresh air.
Grace came from Nicole’s maternal Great Great Grandmother Grace.

Let me know your thoughts.

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